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Skills Promoting Social Inclusion and opening doors to Employment and Well-being

Catalyst Mutual Enterprise CIC is part of the National Online Centres Network led by ‘Good Things Foundation’ delivering programme to help people develop the skills they need to connect with the world. As more and more services put their primary portals for access online, those without the ability to use the internet and digital [...]

Spreading the word about smart meters: Catalyst Mutual CIC awarded Smart Energy GB in Communities grant

Catalyst CIC has received a grant to spread the word about smart meters amongst older people in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Every home will have the opportunity to upgrade to a smart meter, at no extra cost, as part of the national smart meter rollout. The rollout is an essential [...]

We’re part of the Big Energy Saving Network 2016/17!

Catalyst is pleased to be a part of the BESN again this year, this time working with the newly formed successor to DECC - the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - to provide help and support to vulnerable consumers and those frontline staff whose work involves everyday contact. For Consumers As part [...]

We should stop giving cold homes the cold shoulder

Catalyst Mutual is working on increasing awareness of the impact of cold homes on health to combat fuel poverty reduce excess winter deaths. Fuel poverty is a very real issue within Britain, with at least 2.35 million households reported as suffering from it in 2013*. Fuel poverty is defined by a household’s ability to keep [...]