Energy Literacy: Frontline Training

We offer a variety of free services to support the creation of an Energy Saving Society, empowering residents to become energy literate and have greater control over their energy consumption and energy bills.

Community Outreach Events

We organise free area-based outreach events aiming to support residents to understand the impact of energy saving action and promote the importance of behavioural change. At these sessions, we focus on:

  • Understanding different heating systems
  • Understanding fuel and energy bills
  • Payment methods
  • Payment and tariff options
  • Switching energy suppliers
  • Promoting energy change
  • Warm home discount eligibility
  • Helping the payment of bills
  • Priority service register
  • Further available support

Home Energy Advice Visits

We also run a home visit service for those that are house-bound where we offer support tailored to the individual’s needs.

We offer assisted action including:

  • Use of heating system and various heating appliances
  • Referral for installation of energy efficient measures
  • Home improvement advice
  • Financial support
  • Assistance in contacting energy supplier
  • Advice on different method of managing their energy use
  • Further assistance such as warm home discount and priority service register
  • Help with paying their fuel debt

Community Presence

Taking place at venues at the heart of the community, we offer free advice at our Switching Clinics designed to utilise our knowledge and experience to inform homeowners’ decisions. Residents are invited to bring their annual statements to help us to provide accurate impartial guidance and strategic direction to ensure that they are receiving the most suitable energy service at the lowest price. We also operate pop-up stands at local supermarkets where we invite the public to ask us questions about energy usage, while promoting simple changes to energy consumption that result in big savings.

To find out some of our top tips on reducing your own energy consumption, check out our Energy Advice pages.