Unemployment is a factor contributing to national fuel poverty figures, with more than one in three unemployed people living in fuel poverty*. To combat this, we want to offer support to those who are unemployed, enabling them not only change their fuel poverty status, but also to transform their lives.

Through our Employment Support scheme, we want to offer assistance to those who are keen to get into the world of work. We aim to use our expertise to equip people with a high proficiency of energy knowledge, therefore improving their skillset. We also want to provide work-experience through opportunities such as completing housing pre-assessment surveys, which will further prepare individuals for participation within local careers in the energy industry.

*statistic from the DECC, Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics Report: 2015,

Digital and Financial Literacy

We are working with Digital Birmingham to deliver FREE Digital Skills courses to help people develop digital skills and become more financially literate.

As more and more services become accessible online, improving digital skills and confidence is becoming more important. With the move to Universal Credit, many households will have to adapt by managing their income differently. Our tutor-led workshops aim to equip people with the digital and financial skills to do such things as:

  • Claim Universal Credit online
  • Connect with government services online
  • Income maximisation
  • Plan, budget and manage your money

There are many positive social benefits to building such skills, with participants being better able to take control of their incomes and their access to services – including jobs, education and health. Participants will be assisted to reduce or eliminate debts or arrears and long term money management skills will allow them to build savings. In completing the course, they will build confidence in their learning skills, which may open up future prospects.

If you are interested in our FREE course, whether you are an organisation with clients who you feel would benefit or an individual, call us on 0121 607 1798.