West Midland Kick Start Partnership (WMKS) programme, our predecessor, provided affordable loan finance to vulnerable home owners to help them bring their home to the Decent Homes Standards. Although new loans to homeowners have ceased, we provide a loan administration service for the residual Kickstart loan portfolio for local authority.

The principle components of our service are:

  • Dealing with all queries on loan accounts
  • Collecting loan repayments and redemptions
  • Holding payments to the order of the local authority
  • Administering all correspondence with the homeowner, their representatives or the Local Authority
  • Providing information on loans
  • Issuing annual loan statements to clients
  • Discharge legal charges (if applicable)

We have a thorough understanding of the nature of the loan portfolio as well as familiarity with the terms and conditions, specific features and demographic of those eligible for WMKS loans. Our knowledge of loan management is both highly competent and comprehensive, ensuring complete trust from our clients.