Bright choices: make light work of reducing energy bills

  • Use energy efficient lightbulbs. They might be more expensive in the short term, but they can save you up to £70 in energy bills over their lifetime!
  • Use a timer or sensor for outdoor lights so they’re only on when they need to be.
  • Always turn the lights off when leaving a room- even if only for a few minutes.

Close the door on energy waste

  • Fit draught excluders on your doors- if you can see light through the door’s edges then heat is escaping!
  • Close doors when leaving a room to stop heat escaping.

Burn those bills to a crisp in the kitchen

  • When filling a kettle, only use as much as you need. Homes in Britain waste £68 million just from overfilling their kettles.
  • Use a microwave instead of an oven -it cooks your food quicker and uses 10% less energy.
  • When using an oven, turn it off 5 minutes before your food should be ready and let the built up heat cook it for the remaining time.

Tips that’ll bring the house (bills) down

  • The recommended temperature for your home is between 18⁰C and 21⁰C. Decreasing the temperature of a room by just 1⁰C can reduce your fuel bill by up to 10%!
  • Close your curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping, and if possible use heavy or thick curtains to keep that heat in.
  • Turn appliances off when you’re done with them. The average UK household loses £30 a year powering appliances left on standby.