Poor Housing is one of the key indicators of Poverty and Deprivation.

Catalyst CIC is a value-led Social Enterprise with a vision to become an agent of change and regeneration for the community and to ensure that vulnerable residents can live in warm, safe and suitable housing.

Providing Affordable Housing, Support Services and Housing Management by involving residents and communities in shaping the homes and services we are providing.

Our Housing Services will include:

  • Daily operations of properties, maintenance and upkeep
  • Establish and maintain positive and productive relationships with residents and other stakeholders, including residents’ forum.
  • Allocating housing to new and existing tenants according to agreed policy and procedures
  • Providing appropriate tenancy agreements, managing and monitoring compliance
  • Providing Housing support, information and advice
  • Supporting tenants into training and education
  • Provide support for health and social care services contributing to improving health and wellbeing for vulnerable residents.